About the oil ninja

The concept of The Oil Ninja was initially conceived around the frustrations of the service aspect in the automotive industry. It was always a hit or miss when I went to repair my car. Either I was blind sided by an unexpected charge, the mechanic rude or unprofessional, or I’d have to commit enormous amounts of time of my day around the act of getting my car fixed.

Even worse was the fact that due to the bad reputation mechanics oftentimes get, it was hard to find someone reliable and trustworthy. I was tired of being taken advantage of.

It was through these culminations of bad experiences that The Oil Ninja was born and in turn, a chance to change a system that is badly in need of an update.


CURRENTLY SERVING: Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Denton, Richardson, Allen, Carrollton, and Lewisville areas.

Our Mission

Our mission is a simple one: We want to change the way you fix your car by bringing a local ASE certified mechanic right to your door. This starts by building a foundation on transparency and consistency.  We strive to make doing business with us as easy as possible and promise to make your experience with us seamless and simple.

What We Do

Just as the slogan goes, we’re mechanics on demand. We connect people to local ASE certified technicians who come right to your door. Each mechanic is equipped with the same tools and software used to diagnose your car at the dealership. This ensures a completely streamline experience that you’ll get time and time again. 

Each of our technicians are selected and chosen by the specialist experience they possess. What that means for you is someone qualified who has years and years of experience working on your car, specifically just for your car’s make and model.   

Better yet we don’t have to worry about overhead, so we’re able to pass along those savings to you where we can keep our prices competitive.

a list of some of the services we provide. 

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